Skot Olsen

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36" x 24"
oil on board

Until the 20th century, much of what mankind knew about the animals who lived in the sea was from what he could catch or find washed up on a beach. In the mid-19th century, when commercial giant squid fishing was in full swing, the public 's fascination with giant sea creatures also increased. It soon became a fashionable pastime to stroll along the beach after a storm to search for what mysteries the sea would spill onto the land. One would need only look for a cloud of seagulls gorging themselves on the titanic corpse of some unidentified monstrosity. This painting depicts such an event which occurred around 1879 on the West coast of France near the town of Bougourouan when " enormous serpent 50 meters long was discovered laying among the numerous other deceased sea creatures on a rocky beach."

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Limited Edition Giclee on heavy watercolor stock
signed and numbered edition of 50
21" x 14"
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