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20" x 30"
oil on Canvas

On August 10, 1817 a strange creature was sighted in the harbor of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Reports of it began to spread throughout New England.

General David Humphreys, a former member of George Washington's staff, travelled down to Gloucester to interview witnesses. According to the testimony he gathered, the creature's head, which it held above the water, was "much like the head of a turtle... and larger than the head on any dog." From its head there rose "a prong or spear about twelve inches in height, and six inches in circumference at the bottom, and running to a small point." In a compilation of sightings printed in the Boston Weekly Messenger it was further reported that the creature was sixty to seventy feet in length, that it was about as wide as a barrel, that it moved rapidly in a serpentine fashion, that it was able to double back upon itself instantaneously, that it was "full of joints and resemble[d] a string of buoys on a net," and that all attempts to kill or capture it, including shooting a musket at it from close range, failed. -Alex Boese.

The last reported sighting of a sea serpent near Gloucester was June 12, 1914.

I recently received the following email regarding the Great New England Sea Serpent:
Hi Skot, Your image of tGNESS is fabulous! But please change the dates - last sighting was October of 2003. JP O'Neill author The Great New England Sea Serpent - An Account of Unknown Creatures Sighted by Many Respectable Persons Between 1638 and the Present Day - Paraview Press
You can purchase Mr O'Neill's book here:

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